Peter Mountford



Pete Mountford is an artist who has been practising for  over 20 years. He has exhibited in the UK and USA, through galleries  and Art Consultants such as Stables Gallery, A&D Gallery, Thomas Corman Arts (London) and Westbeth Gallery (New York) and City Without Walls Gallery (Newark, NJ).

His work encompasses painting, drawing, digital imagery and other mixed media. Often underpinning this work is the appropriation of and  relationship  to existing systems; in the past this has including energy waves, the cycles of nature, maps and landscape.  'The Journey view' series represents the  urban environment and the viewing of the city (both London and -since 2014- Brighton) from different vantages of the metropolis. The format  of much of this work involves dialogues between individual works or from modules within multi-component works.